Gen Z 6/23/2022

Christina Rakor ThankinMeet Generation Z. Predicted to be the biggest generation group in the history of the planet ever and coming to a gambling site near you soon. During this session we'll look at how we need to re-think everything we know about problem gambling to address the challenges of a new generation that marches to a very different beat. We need to act now.

Presenter: Christina Rakor Thankin

Learning Objectives:

  1. The values and belief systems; behavioral characteristics, traits and attitude; life and lifestyle of this generation contribute to a generation that is pre-conditioned to become problem gamblers.
  2. Understanding their world and their relationship with betting, gambling and winning’ and why we need to re-think pretty much everything we know about problem gamblers


12:00-12:05pm – Introductions of presenters and helpline information
12:05-12:45pm – Lecture of material
12:45-12:55pm – Discussion questions, case presentation, interaction (as needed)
12:55-1:00pm – Closing comments

Training Start Date(s): 
Thursday, June 23, 2022
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